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Zinc/aluminum die casting foundry goods are what Wanpai Precision Enterprise has been proud of in the field. Through precise die casting process, strictly tolerance controlled, our products feature excellence in quality out of technical production management.


Zinc Die Casting Alloys Process Service

We highly demand in process management and in continuous promise for technical modifications in zinc die casting art, covering adoption of high specification equipment, the most precise facilities that promote quality and capacity for mass production of crafts.


Aluminium Die Casting Alloys Process Service

Wangpai adopts vacuum aluminum die casting equipment that evacuates air in the mold before aluminum alloy is injected, which increases integrity of foundry goods and decreases mold wear, and the reduced back pressure as well as the high injection rate ...


CNC Machining & CNC Process Service

The recently introduced CNC 5-axis complex machine tool coming with high-specification of production-line management highly enhancing precision of foundry goods, increasing daily production capacity for better shipment effectiveness.


Wang Pai Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd

Professional in die casting precise aluminum alloy and zinc alloy products

Established in 1987, Leading by President Kao and Vice President Chen, Wangpai has emerged from its small beginnings of being a simple OEM maker to what it is now--A Global Company with Integrity. The journey getting to where we are is marked by persistence, diligence, responsibility, and constant maintenance of standards and quality.



Since our company was founded in 1960, our economic growth and increasing client base have been built on the sincere appreciation of concept.


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WANG PAI PRECISION has emerged from its small beginnings of being a simple OEM maker to what it is now--A Global Company with Integrity.


Hight-End Die casting Dev

We work towards the improvement of die casting technology, molding, precision processing, assembly, and total management techniques.


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Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts for

Spare parts for(electric vehicles) cars and motorcycles, monitors, Industrial computers /POS machines, Lamps/Light, Netcom related products, servo motors

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  1. 1987 Establish Wang Pai precisions die-casting
  2. 1992 Expanded the productivity and move to Pali
  3. 1999 ISO9001
  4. 2003 Enlarge our plant in Pali and establish Wang Pa Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  5. 2006 New CNC department and create CMM-3D equipment
  6. 2014 Cooperated with Gogoro for the power transmission parts
  7. 2017 ISO9001:20015Version


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Wangpai Precision Enterprise has two categories in die casting products: zinc alloy die casting foundry goods and aluminum alloy die casting foundry goods, namely zinc/aluminum die casting products. Through mode developments, products are available in fields of medical equipment, lamp parts, auto parts, precision goods, small engines, monitors, industrial control equipment parts, network communication equipment among others.

Which industries can zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting serve?
Post-die casting processing Precision cutting
Aluminum die casting tolerances
Die-casting equipment and CNC processing

In-plant die-casting equipment and CNC processing facility meet the global certification standards of die-casting that ensure product quality of our clients for decades.

ISO quality and ROHAS certificate

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We keep on R&D house electric appliance, 3c computers of famous brands, parts for electric cars, network communication equipment for polar regions, industrial computer housing, host shells, monitors and lamps having passed rigorous tests to be used on board at sea, as well as zinc/aluminum die casting crafts of high specification.

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